Our Mission:

Providing affordable health care through a true patient-doctor relationship/bond

YourMD is all about the patient. As a physician, I have always been a patient advocate. After 20 years of working in the ” big clinic”, I opened my own practice.

I have developed a practice that is affordable and allows for the development of a true patient-doctor relationship/bond. This is the only way I know how to practice medicine. Developing an enduring relationship with my patients by making sure I am available to meet their needs – either in person (clinic, home, workplace), emails, phone or video chat, was the core value when developing Your MD.

Also, when developing Your MD, I did everything I could to diminish the financial impact on the patient while still providing them with “concierge services “.  What I mean by concierge services is an inviting relaxing environment, being accessible to the patient 24/7, making sure that when a patient needs care, I will be able to provide it within a day.